A long long time ago... well maybe not so long ago... in 1984, a savvy twenty-seven-year-old Janet Banks was reassessing her career choice. She had honed her skills for thwarting criminals at a high profile department store and apparently successfully chasing down thieves had grown tiresome, leaving her weary, bruised and wanting more.

Luckily, (or so she thought) fate had smiled upon her and blessed her with a dream job, which, as it turned out was... well, not a nightmare, per se, but let’s just say, less than ideal.

This was supposed to be an “easy desk-job” at the Royal Ontario Museum where she could surround herself with the wonders of the world and bloom into her new becoming: the chance to reinvent herself, explore her softer side and figure out what to do with the rest of her life!... yeah, right.

Little did she know that this job would come with a “mentorship” that was going to be way more than she bargained for. Oh, what wonders await!*

Mentor Me Through This Wonderland is based on actual events that happened at the museum, set in a time when women were just beginning to chip away at the glass ceiling that was “the old boys club”. It was adapted by Lorne Hiro from the first two chapters of the as of yet unfinished and unpublished memoirs of Janet Banks, the youngest as well as the first and only female head of security for the Royal Ontario Museum.

*Lorne Hiro would like to acknowledge
Sharon Warren, Fiona Haque and Gabriel Cameron
for helping him compose this playful portrayal.

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