[Photo of Frank Horvat]

Frank Horvat - Music

"Wildly original, often chaotic, eclectic as all get-out, and quite a ride." Frank Horvat is an award-winning and critically acclaimed composer and pianist. His original music is influenced by the post-modern idea of eclecticism. His portfolio of compositions demonstrates a variety of musical styles, even combined within one work. This is evident from his influences: From Bach to Beethoven to Bartók to Bjork, folk musics from around the world, jazz & blues, minimalism. His compositions have been based on real world themes such as social issues, family, athletic pursuits, September 11 and sometimes just a catchy little riff.

[Photo of Steven Mifsud]

Steven Mifsud - Media Artist

Born in Toronto, the "Wayward Traveler" Steven Mifsud is a published travel photographer, videographer, writer and producer. For the past 20 years, home has been his suitcase. People are his inspiration, destinations his yearning and never one to shy from the unknown. Adventure is his addiction.

[Photo of Zoltan Hawryluk]

Zoltan Hawryluk - Web Design

Zoltan Hawryluk has been developing websites since the web began in the 1990s. He has worked on several Fringe productions sites, including Selling Love, Rice Pudding and the Jeeperz Crow production of Crazy Gary's Mobile Disco. When he's not working his day job building web sites and applications in the telecommunications industry, he writes about the latest web technologies on his blog, User Agent Man and acts as lead crooner with his lounge-punk band, Conflicting Plaid.

[Photo of Zoltan Hawryluk]

Bruce Bergeron - Carpenter

A father of two, Bruce is an executive at Leon's Furniture. He is part of Lorne's extended family and has volunteered his carpentry skills for several other of his and his wife's (Janet Banks) productions..

Special Thanks

Actor's Fight Club
Carolyn Kelly
London Fringe Festival
Hamilton Fringe Festival
Windsor Fringe Festival


[Photo of Chris Suarez]

Chris Suarez - Film Maker

Bio coming soon.

[Photo of Simon Hughes]

Simon Hughes - Director of Photography

Bio coming soon.

[Photo of Eugene Akimov]

Eugene Akimov - Sound / Boom

Eugene (aka, Evgeny) is a graduate of St. Petersburg State University of Motion Picture and Television and Moscow State College of Jazz and Pop Music in Russia. He has over 6 years of experience in on-location recording, ADR recording and editing, sound design and mixing of audio for feature films, TV, commercials, documentaries and music videos. In the most recent projects Eugene worked mostly as a supervising sound editor and was responsible for entire process of audio production for feature films. Nowadays, Evgeny lives in Toronto, Ontario.

[Photo of Lisa Gustafsson]

Lisa Gustafsson - Makeup Artist

Lisa Gustafsson started her SPFX make-up career in TV in Sweden, where she was born. She moved to Toronto in 2008 to attend Complections International, North Americas leading school for make-up artistry. After graduating with a 95% grade average, she's been working on everything from short and feature length films to music videos and commercials in the GTA.

[Photo of Chris Suarez]

Jean Hawryluk - Painter / Visual Artist

Jean first became interested in art while in extended care for tuberculosis at the age of 13. His first original painting Lost Soul was finished when he was 18 yrs old, and the landscape in the trailer video for Being at Home With Claude, entitled Reach for the Moon, was completed in his late 20s. After producing around 20 paintings and participating in a number of Toronto art shows in the 1950s, Jean stopped painting in his 30s and didn't pick up the brush again until he was 69. His recent work includes five new paintings which were featured at Toronto's Café Bernarté. He is now 78 years old. Keep an eye on this space for the future online home of his paintings.

[Photo of Eugene Akimov]

Jonathan Pang - Production Assistant / Second Boom

Jonathan's passion for filmmaking came into view when he made the switch from acting to directing a stage play during his last year in high school. Having participated in many different roles during his life at Ryerson University, the roles he enjoyed most were the relatively physical roles &mdash boom operator, grip, camera-related roles — because they gave him a sense of visceral set awareness, and post-production roles — sound designer, editor, foley, etc. because they allowed him to be creative within a given context.

[Photo of Elizabeth Mudenyo]

Elizabeth Mudenyo - Production Assistant/Clapper

Elizabeth Mudenyo has just completed her first year in Film at Ryerson University. She has a brief background with technical theatre and is a huge Fringe Festival supporter. She found helping out on this set to be an educating and enjoyful experience and hopes to work with many of these individuals again.


Dr. Allan R. Hawryluk / Dr. Allan L. Hawryluk
Sharida & Stephan, Stephan Caras Design Inc.
Alma, Lily and Ruth, The Printing Factory Lofts
Margaret Diota, Ryerson Polytechnical Institute
George Brown College
Jules Hawryluk Amanda Horesford / Angie Chan David Straus
Johnathon Hoskins Shana Hillman / Glenn Teneycke Andrew Banks
Evan Stasyshyn Cuong Ngo Janet Banks